Job: Domestic Couple- Live In, Bedford, NY

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General Information

Job title:
Domestic Couple- Live In
Job location:
Bedford, NY  10506 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted:
Job type:
$130,000- $175,000
Job Category:
Domestic Couple

Job Description

Domestic Couple Job Description
Property Overview:
Three (3) parcels of land totaling 57.20 acres in Bedford, New York. The site includes one main house (approx. 7,500
sq. ft. , w/ 8 bedrooms, 8 baths, home gym, home office(s), common areas, game room(s), 3-car garage, etc.) and
one guest house (2 bedroom, 2 baths , 3-car garage, recently renovated), as well as a pool and tennis court.
Vendors: 20-25
Cars (NY): 4 - 6
Couple Profile:
The Domestic Couple will work as a team to provide comprehensive and personalized service to the family by
maintaining all aspects of the home and property, and managing the day-to-day operation of the household. Major
responsibilities of these positions are divided between the outs ide grounds and inside housekeeping (including meal
preparation and other household support) .
The ideal couple would have a history of stable, long term private household employment, as well as a personality
that is warm and friendly, but not overly familiar. The couple shou ld also present a pleasant, positive energy and
service-oriented disposition , with a " do what it takes" to get the job done attitude , and an understanding that
flexibility in schedule is key to executing their responsibilities.
Key Contributions
1. Property Housekeeping:
To ensure the home is prepared for the family's arrival and guest ready at all times :
• Maintain the cleanliness of the home's interior rooms and common areas including general and weekly
deep cleaning of kitchen, all bath s, all bedrooms , and common living areas.
• Complete daily tasks such as general cleaning, dusting , polishing , vacuuming , washing windows,
household organization , and other tasks as assigned.
• Heavy cleaning projects such as deep cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms and home gym, hardwood and tile
floors, windows, etc.
• Laundering of washable and delicate clothing, with laundry completed timely, to be travel ready.
• Manage dry cleaning, storage of linens, ironing , seasonal closest re-organization, and overall closet
maintenance .
2. Household Support :
• Skilled healthy meal preparation, as requested (approximately 10 - 15 meals/month).
• Oversee household inventories to ensure all household products stocked as required; Organization of
cabinets , pantry, and closets.
• General local errands as needed: grocery shopping to ensure kitchen is stocked with household
preferences , dry cleaning drop-off / pick-up, post office , etc.
• Packing of luggage, sporting equipment, food (perishables and dry goods) , and other supplies for
transport , either with Principles or to be shipped to designated destination .
• Periodic driving of family to engagements , airport, etc .
• Answer house phone line and mobile phones and take messages.
• Troubleshoot AV issues and ensure all equipment system updates are current.
3. Property Maintenance:
Maintain the overall condition of the estate's internal and exterior living areas, grounds, garages, and any
other assigned work areas :
• Attend weekly conference calls with Family Office Team to discuss regular maintenance, ongoing
projects , repairs, or concern s.
• Constant inspection interior/e xt erior of the home to make sure all systems, facilities and appliances are
in good working order, conduct maintenance (with or without outside contractor), as required .
Domestic Couple Job Description
• Completion of daily tasks such as general cleaning, trash removal , small equipme nt maintenance
• Grounds and Landscape maintenance: Weekly (rake and mow lawn as needed, blow leaves from
l awn/driveway, cleanup (apples/sticks, etc .), clean gutters, water flower pots, check/maintain deer fence,
routine garden/flowerbed care and maintenance , snow removal, supplementing with out side contractors
as required.
• Conduct light maintenance and handyman tasks to ensure consistent maintenance of outdoor and indoor
• Care and upkeep of pool and tennis court, and supervise subcontractor s.
• Schedule and supervise vendor s, service providers and contractors .
• In conjunction with driver, ensuring family vehicles are maintained and serviced, cleaned and fueled with
insurance and registration up -to- date .
• Schedule routine service, repair , and maintenance for mechanical , electrical , and plumbing systems, and
other service providers (carpet cleaners, landscaping company, HVAC, plumber, pool , pest control, etc .),
recognize and report to the Family Office Team w hen specialized or trade services are needed.
4. Pet/Animal Care:
• Dogs/Cat: food preparation, feeding, walking, vet and groomer visits
• Weekend pet -sitting : When weekend pet -sitting is required , week ly wor k schedule will be flex ed to provide
alternative days off during that week. At least 2 weeks advanced notice wi ll be provided .
5. Property Security/Safety Management :
• Conduct routine inspections of estate's grounds to maintain quality standards .
• Maintain property security with proper entry/exit procedures for vendors and over sight of alarm systems
• Be knowledgeable of property emergency pro cedure s.
• Follow proper safety procedure s w hen operating all equipment .
• Ensure a clean and safe work environment.
Other Requirements
• 5+ years' experience working in a similar capacity , with excellent references from past employers
• Creative and competent cooki ng skills, with the ability to prepare a variety of clean, healthy meals
• Working knowledge of property maintenance; including physical house systems (lighting, HVAC, securit y)
• Courteous, trustworthy, discreet , reliable , consistent , and energetic , with a positive presence.
• Service Oriented , w it h understandin g of concepts such as: being anticipatory (in itiative to know what is
needed without direction), friendly not familiar , available at all time s to assist, but aware of when to
• Resourceful with good judgement , able to maintain grace under pressure
• Self-motivated wit h ability to structure their workday and work independently
• Flexible , available to work evenings and weekends as needed; preference is for coup le to live full-time on
• Great with pets: dogs and cats (no allergies)
• Strong communication skills, both written and verbal; fluency in English
• Valid driver's li cense with clean driving record
• US work authorization

Job Requirements

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