Job: Maternity nurse / Nanny in Dubai, UAE, Dubai, Dubai

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General Information

Job title:
Maternity nurse / Nanny in Dubai, UAE
Job location:
Dubai, Dubai  MMMMM United Arab Emirates
Requisition code:
1222 SA
Date posted:
Job type:
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Job Description

?A UHNW VIP family residing in Dubai, UAE require the employment of a long term Nanny / Maternity nurse-carer to ensure the wellbeing of their three month old son _ and to share the responsibility during the day shift hours.

The couple are offering a live in position with priority given to the child’s development, social interaction growth and educational stimulation all appropriate to the child’s age at all times.

?The candidates’ extensive experience in working in a private residence, with full proxy parenting & child caring responsibilities with housekeeping ability will be utilized to its full potential within this excellent opportunity. Qualified and energetic candidates can expect a competitive package within this live in position.


• Fluent command of English in verbal and written communication
• Honest, reliable and Trustworthy individual with a pro-active mind set
• Detail oriented with the ability to manage: Child Education,

Child Development, Child Care, General Housekeeping & meal preparation when required for the child only.

• Extensive experience in similar position within a private family residence
• High level of experience in nanny duties & maternity care
• Flexible and able to accommodate principle and child’s schedule
• Experience with potty training

Experience with setting appropriate daily schedules for baby/infant/child at appropriate age

• Education orientated and highly skilled
• Qualification in First Aid and CPR training is a must
Qualification in Maternity Care / Proxy Parenting / Early Childhood Development is a must
• Ability to travel with short notice

Willingness to continue learning, reading books and online material on babies development

Duties & Responsibilities

• Providing exceptional care to the child
• Feeding the baby and maintaining routines, putting the baby to sleep
• Diaper changing
• Bathing and dressing child
• Ensuring child’s safety at all times
• Taking care of baby's clothes (washing, drying, folding, ironing)
Hygiene and cleanliness of feeding equipment and general cleanliness in baby's surrounds; sterilisation of baby’s
equipment and bottles
• Tidiness of baby nursery and playroom
• Emptying nappy bin
• Cleanliness and hygiene of baby’s sleep area, bedding, linen etc.
Cleanliness and hygiene of baby’s feeding area and kitchen where baby’s meals are prepared.
• Sterilising toys
• Ensuring safe and comfortable sleep for the child
• Providing daily baby exercise
• Informing parents about the baby's routine, daily activity and progress
• Ensuring general health and informing parents regarding any concerns
• Providing daily education and basic fundamentals to parents.
• Organizing regular nutritious, balanced meals and snacks (children only)
Taking to and collecting children from nursery, primary school, after-school activities
Babysitting and child minding when required (after hours may be required)
Preparing and implementing a development in education and social routine
Overseeing and encouraging healthy social development and interactions
• Teaching good manners and behaviour
• Organizing stimulating activities during children's leisure time
Creativity, the ability to design fun and educational activities to encourage development
• Patience and understanding
Preparing and organizing for special occasions, such as birthdays, public holidays etc
• Preparing luggage and toys for traveling
Establishing and maintaining good communication with parents at all times
• Understanding and respect for the family protocols, habits and lifestyle
Ensuring family and baby confidentiality and security for the home and child at all times.

Extra information:

Salary based on experience and qualifications for the right candidate.
Full time placement with 1-month trial period
Live in position

Job Requirements


5 years' experience working as a Nanny / Maternity Nursing in a private residence
Certificate Maternity Nursing & Childcare qualifications
Fluent English
Dynamic, friendly yet professional person with kind and honest attributes who values the discretion required
(Job number: 3798248)
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