Job: House Manager/Butler, Oxford, MD

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General Information

Job title:
House Manager/Butler
Job location:
Oxford, MD  21654 United States
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House Manager

Job Description

Your goal is to share the Owners’ vision of the family home being a well-run, high quality estate; and to be proactive in fulfilling those needs in an efficient and first-class manner. An adequate staff is employed to support this position (see attached staffing plan). It involves a seven day per week, twenty-four hour per day responsibility for the well-being and security of the family and the property.

This position requires a flexible person whose goal is to actualize the Owners vision for property and to be responsive to the Owners visions and requests while anticipating their needs and desires. At the same time, this focus includes their health, well being and enjoyment (“HWBE”). In keeping with this concept, this individual needs to be attuned to all activities, inside and outside.

Specifically, this person attends to the personal needs of the Owners and their activities in the home and in the community. There is a special emphasis on making the inside of the home and guest houses operate smoothly and safely. Below offers an illustrative list of the duties, but are by no means meant to be all inclusive. Therefore, this person needs to be flexible as to the specific demands of the position.

This person will have the following responsibilities (not in order of priority):
1. Property Management
a. Be responsible for all interior maintenance, including appliances, systems (HVAC, sound, computer, plumbing, electric, lighting, etc.) and equipment.
b. Inspect House daily, basement to attic, especially when owners are away.
c. Manage animal care when owners are away.
d. Assist in weekend duties of property management, security, and plant care.
e. Assist household staff with difficult tasks, e.g., moving furniture, luggage, etc.
f. Live on property or nearby and share in providing security to the property.
2. Food Service / Social
a. Provide butler and bartender service at small social gatherings.
b. Manage the wine cellar, liquor cabinets, and set-ups inventory.
c. Coordinate meal planning with owner’s farm generated food (vegetables, fruits, game, seafood, etc.) and include seasonal availabilities.
d. Prepare all menus and prepare lunch, dinner, and travel meals.
e. Help coordinate all social functions, including coordinating with caterers and sub-contractors.
f. Train household staff to serve social events and coordinate staffing needs for all events.
g. Shop and purchase all items, including groceries, needed in the execution of these duties.
3. Vehicle Operation
a. Provide driving services occasionally.
b. Captain owners’ boat including 40’ Hinckley Talaria and 23’ Parker.
4. Manage care of hunting lodge, town apartment, boathouse and boats.

1. This is a salaried position, not hourly.
2. Holidays generally on day observed by Federal Government, but there will be exceptions and you will be given an alternate day.
3. Vacation to be taken in one week increments, but some exception is possible.
4. Business use of car, cell phone and computer provided. Office in main house next to the owner’s office.
5. Work closely as a team with the existing inside and outside staffs to provide for the Owner’s HWBE of property.
6. No part-time jobs are allowed.
7. No privileges to use any of the amenities are included.
8. The Boy Scout Law applies.
9. Read and agree to the provisions of the Employee Manual.
10. Anything else that needs to be done.

This person will maintain a friendly, cheerful, upbeat demeanor; be helpful to the family and other staff; use “Mr./Mrs.” and “yes sir/no sir”; and dress in a uniform of long khaki pants and long sleeved, white shirt with company logo, uniforms to be provided by the Owners. Given the intimate nature of this engagement, this person will use the utmost discretion and divulge no personal details to any party outside the family. This person will represent the family and the properties and their staffs with the highest ethical and professional standards to the community.

Job Requirements

(see job description above)
(Job number: 3849869)
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