Job: Estate Manager, Las Vegas, NV

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General Information

Job title:
Estate Manager
Job location:
Las Vegas, NV  89146 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted:
Job type:
*$70,000.00 annual minimum starting salary, the salary is based on two factors: the amount of experience the candidate brings to the position and the duties and hours willing to work.
*Full-time employee may be able to live on property in a separate 2 bedroom home.
*Paid sick days after 6 months of employment
*Paid vacation after 1 year of employment
Job Category:
Domestic Couple
Estate Manager
House Manager
Personal Assistant
Ranch Manager

Job Description

* The Estate Manager job includes but is not limited to the
supervision and operations of a large, multi-guest home
* Ideal candidate will supervise all vendors
* Be in charge of a detailed budget.
* Oversee landscaping, boat maintenance, contractor maintenance/scheduling,
* Hiring, training and supervising ALL household staff.
* Overseeing the operational maintenance of the ranch and/or multiple residences
* Daily communication with employer
* Creating and maintaining household manuals
* Managing the calendar
* Planning, organizing and running large social events and parties.
* Bookkeeping and accounting tasks
* Managing and overseeing designated projects
* Maintaining and supervising all household and property security
* Booking travel arrangements
* Household, personal, and business errands
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of this
job. They should not be construed as an exhaustive list of all
responsibilities, requirements, skills, and standards required to perform
essential job functions.

Job Requirements

* The Estate Manager must have a prior experience working in
private service in addition to having a background in
business, human relations, accounting, and/or bookkeeping.
* Excellent time management skills and ability to work under
* Self-starter
* Basic understanding of computer technology is essential to
oversee the ranch.
* College and/or other certificate degree required
* Leadership
* Excellent motivation skills
* Ability to communicate effectively
* Highest level of personal service experience with private
families and/or individuals
* Possesses basic Human Resource principles
* Well educated in domestic arena
* Proper social etiquette and cultural knowledge
* Acute business skills in areas of finance, computer
technology, planning and organization.
* Human resources and hiring/firing procedures
* Training of all employees
* Independent and team project management
* Creative intuitive thinking and problem solving
* Very resourceful
* Adaptable and anticipate various needs of employer
* Ability. to coordinate outside vendor/services for large fundraising events.
* Well traveled (important for entire estate manager)
* up to date on all applicable technologies and global
* Negotiating skills
* Technologically savvy
* Conversational Spanish is helpful but not required
(Job number: 3777172)
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