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Job: Personal Assistant / House Manager, San Francisco, CA

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General Information


Job title: Personal Assistant / House Manager
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Job location: San Francisco, CA  94143 United States
Requisition code: PA-43 : Hire Society
Date posted: 06/08/2017
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: $100,000-$150,000 per year; potential for discretionary-based annual bonus; 2 weeks paid vacation
All salaries are Dependent On Experience, References, and the results of a Federal Background Check
Full benefits package effective after 90 days
Job Category:Personal Assistant
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Job Description

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Extremely private, youthful and informal San Francisco Bay area-based couple seeks a seasoned, quick-thinking, proactive, and driven, yet humble Personal Assistant / House Manager to spearhead their soon-to-come tight-knit domestic staff. Mr. is an extremely successful businessman in the area of technology and communication, and Mrs. runs a green-tech investing company based out of their 5,600 sqft. home. The couple is looking to onboard their first of several domestic positions, beginning with the senior-most: a full-time live-out Personal Assistant / House Manager.

The position consists of a 5-day flexible workweek where no two days may be alike. As the nature of this position will not be based exclusively behind a desk, no ‘exact’ arrival and departure times are specified, however, the ideal candidate must be flexible to work remotely, as well as begin and conclude working hours based upon the specific needs and requirements of the day.

The position consists of three primary components: personal support for Mr., personal support for Mrs., and Household Management. To begin and in the infancy stages of the job, the role will be broken down as follows: 50% House Managerial work, 20% Personal support for Mr., and 30% shared between assistance for Mrs., and miscellaneous tasks. Once the ideal candidate has assumed the position and has successfully assisted in transitioning Mr. out of his full-time office-based work environment and into a fully supported ‘next venture’ personal capacity, the role will transition to a heavier emphasis on Mr.’s direct personal support (50%, including travel, scheduling, daily punch lists, etc.) with the remaining 50% shared between Household Management and Personal Assistant work for Mrs.

Travel will be a component of this position, so the ideal candidate must be comfortable picking up and going as needed to provide seamless service across additional properties, as well as to various additional locations for vacations, getaways, and work-related trips. The couple exclusively charters aircrafts, and coordination for travel arrangements will be required with Mr.’s two executive based assistants.

The ideal candidate for this position must be hungry for a new role he or she can sink their teeth into. This is not a role for a transient candidate; absolute dedication to Personal Assisting work and the field of service is a MUST. As the couple is young, and hopes to expand their family in the not too distant future, the ideal candidate must exhibit long-term retention traits, and will hopefully wish to remain with the family for many years to come.

The ideal candidate must be a visionary and pioneer as the role has never been held before. As Mr. and Mrs. begin their transitions into their next respective ventures, the ideal candidate must fluidly and organically allow the role to expand and grow with the couple’s changing needs, all while maintaining cohesiveness and familiarity across the unchartered landscape. No task should be considered too large or too small, and the ideal candidate must be comfortable wearing a plethora of hats in order to properly assess both Mr. and Mrs. respective needs, as well as attend to the needs of their modest house, their future domestic staffing needs, their ever-changing schedules, demanding entertaining engagements, and respect for utmost privacy at all times.

ABOVE ALL, the ideal candidate must be authentic, trustworthy, dedicated and ambitious. The couple is informal, and wishes to maintain that laid-back aesthetic; as such, the candidate must be respectful of their needs and enable them to streamline their professional needs without burying the day-to-day needs of the home in unnecessary logistics.

When Mr. and Mrs. host guests at their home, some service will be requested in terms of event conceptualization, supply procuring and shopping in advance-of, front of house management while guests are in attendance, and break-down upon conclusion. For all events, formal staff is brought in, but the ideal candidate must be ‘in the wings’ ready to anticipate any situation, product shortage, or last minute snafu that may arise, ready to remedy with an immediate solution.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Maintaining a busy and ever-changing calendar with constant communication and follow-up for both Mr. and Mrs. personally
• Serving as all-around gatekeeper to both Mr. and Mrs. (independently) including drafting emails, answering phones, overseeing mail, greeting guests, answering doors, etc.; providing constant communication and follow-up to the principals (home is exclusively mac-based)
• Monitoring personal and business-related expenses via QuickBooks; utilizing bill-pay functions with extensive attention to detail, account management and reconciliation
• Handling all home-based bill pay, credit card reconciliations, accounts payable and receivable, etc.
• Crafting comprehensive travel itineraries including airfare, cars and transportation, lodging, dining schedules, etc.; communicating with Mr.’s first and second Executive Assistants to ensure seamlessness in planning in regards to work-related travel
• Supervising and monitoring the work of residence-based vendors and contractors; researching resources, taking bids, overseeing work, and monitoring for proper completion from start to finish (renovations, repairs, instillations, etc.)
• Assisting in planning parties, dinners and events including conceptualization, full arrangements and execution both front and back of house; overseeing contract-staff for proper event execution, and ensuring availability for any last minute or unforeseen needs during time-of
• Running errands, personal shopping, holiday gifting and procuring household & office supplies as needed; ensuring preferences are maintained throughout all residences to ensure continuity
• Overseeing residence-based smart home, audio, and alarm systems
• Spearheading the hiring of additional in-residence staff including a full time housekeeper, etc., including sourcing, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training based upon the principal’s standards and expectations
• Assessing needs for future staff across all residences to ensure the needs of both Mr. and Mrs. are being accounted for and met at all times (future Housemen, additional Housekeeper / Laundresses, additional House Managers, etc.)
• Assisting in the seamless transition of Mr. from his current business venture into his next
• Traveling with the family to additional residences, as well as work trips and vacations to provide uninterrupted service
• Flexibility in scheduling; adhering to a typical Monday – Friday workweek with the need for 24/7 availability, on-call assistance and remote work as needed on weekends
• Providing pet care (walking, feeding, administering medication) to the family’s dog, in tandem with the couple’s full time dog walker
• Additional Personal, House Managerial and miscellaneous special projects and initiatives as needed and upon request
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Job Requirements

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• Strong command of English language; outstanding writing and verbal skills; must be a swift communicator
• 4 year degree from an accredited college or university a strong plus; ideal candidate must be worldly and well educated
• Excellent references required from both current and previous employers
• Minimum 7 – 10 + years related experience working in a similar role(s) within a private home, supporting a high level principal(s)
• Experience seamlessly transitioning between Personal and Executive, as well as House Managerial responsibilities a MUST
• Exceptional organizational skills and dedication to responsibilities; must be efficient, effective and quick on his/her toes
• FAST learner with ability to easily grasp and understand new concepts
• Adept in transitioning through business and more informal family environments seamlessly
• Incredibly tech and computer savvy; proficiency in both Mac and PC systems, including but not limited to Office, Excel, Internet, QuickBooks, and email, etc.
• Polished, poised and professional in both mindset and manor; use of utmost discretion and confidentiality required at all times
• Flexibility in scheduling; willingness to work additional hours as needed and upon request; comfortable assuming remote responsibilities as needed and on weekends
• Valid Drivers License; confident driver with zero points on license
• Valid Passport; willing to travel as needed to additional residences and business locations to provide seamless service; ability to ‘pick up and go’ as needed and with minimal advance notice
• Legally able to work within the United States for any employer
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